Accessories for PinMark

Accessories for the Ostling Dot Peen Markers (Needle Embossers / Dot Peening / Scribers) – Quality made in Germany

We offer a complete assortment of tailored accessories and options for all Ostling PinMark Dot Peen technology devices to satisfy all your individual marking needs. Below are a few examples in the Needle Dot Peening (Embossing-)/Scribing-sector which will enhance your marking experience:

  • Rotation axes for round parts, so that the marking needle is always perfectly positioned on the object to be marked
Accessories: Rotation axes







  • Vertical axes in all versions (manual, electric, pneumatic, fully automatic)
  • Barcode scanner for input and activation of data to be marked
  • 2D code cameras for automated reading of previously marked data like DataMatrix Codes
Accessories 2D code camera (DataMatrix)







  • Needle systems for the most varied applications and various materials
Accessories: Needle systems







  • Housing variants for your operating environment
  • Replacement parts of all kinds for our different products

We would be happy to discuss anything further about our complete Dot Peen (Needle Embossing / Peening) product range with you personally. We are also happy to assist you with our knowledge about our wide range of accessories and various options to make sure you get the most suitable solution for your industrial environment. Additionally we can also get together at your location to ensure the best marking and automation results.

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