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From Aluminum to Zinc – we have suitable electrolytes for each material

Which electrolyte?

One of our strengths is our large electrolyte range which we can highlight any electrically conductive material. Many of our electrolytes cover different materials. Other electrolytes are specific for one material. The selection of the right electrolyte is really important.

We can advise you one electrolyte for your marking needs in a matter of seconds. It is useful and necessary that we carry out a corresponding series of tests based on your patterns ins some cases.

This service is completely free of charge!

Please contact our technical department if you are interested in Electrolytic Marking or have any questions: stencil@ostling.com

Our electrolytes are available in 1, 5, 10 and 30 liter containers.



The electrolytes listed below are a selection of the most commonly used electrolytes:

33 for marking hard-chromed materials
332 for marking of hard metals
67/6 for marking tool steels and ball bearings
67/10/3 for labeling all susceptible to corrosion bare steels
6744 for labeling chromium steels
639 for marking – cast aluminum and galvanized materials
(works only with certain material compositions)
70 for marking stainless steel 14%
71 for the labeling of chemically nickel-plated materials
72 for the marking of chromium steels. 18/8, VA
74 for the marking of saw blades
75 for labeling chrome materials
80 for labeling of pots on the ground (not aluminum pan bottoms)
98 for the marking of titanium
115 for marking black oxidized (blued) materials
117 as 115
119 for labeling steam annealed materials
124 as 119
DE 20 for deep marking of steel with a dark background
DE 40 for deep marking of non-ferrous metals
DE 90 for deep marking of steel with light background

We have a wide range of electrolytes available and we would be happy to assist you with testing as many electrolytes as needed on a sample part. Please contact our stencil department directly for any questions about electrolytes or the Electrolytic Marking procedure.

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