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Electrolytic accessories from Ostling Marking Systems

We offer any Electrolytic accessories which you might need for electrolytic marking. Manufactured at our usual high standard with high quality materials at our own production site in Solingen, Germany. Solingen is well known for it’s long and well-respected history of manufacturing fine swords, knives, scissors and razors.

Whether you need a manual workplace, a semi-automatic system or a fully-automatic solution: it will be difficult for you to challenge us with a problem in the field of electrolytic marking that we have not solved already. Our electrolytic marking products and accessories are highly demanded from customers with industrial backgrounds.
The examples in the right column merely represent a small selection from our programme. We can supply everything you need for the most varied product shapes, sizes and other specifications.

Electrolytic marking remains a very clever solution to obtain first class marking results with simple means at a reasonable price.

Examples for electrolytic accessories

  • OSTLING electrolytes for nearly any alloy and materials. We offer suitable electrolytes for each material from Zinc to Aluminium.
  • Marking heads for all product shapes and sizes. We are not just offering a wide range of sizes but we are also able to custom marking heads.
  • Multi-digit stamps for changing serial numbers, etc.
  • Stencil paper for the easy creation of templates with the typewriter or a printer (also available from us here)

electrolytic accessories







  • OSTLING Print devices for the fast creation of temporary templates for frequent data changes (e.g. serial numbers, DataMatrix)
  • All sizes of long-term templates available (several thousand high-quality markings possible)

Our long-term templates are of the highest quality and often applied by users of other electrolytic devices (incl. marking devices/etching devices).
We are happy to assist you personally if you have any questions.

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