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Long-term etching stencils


Stencils for static (constant) labels such as Logos, product and type designation, batch numbers or decorative markings, we recommend our long-term stencils.

These Exel templates have an average lifetime of 4,000 marks. Around 1,500 stencils of various sizes are produced by us daily and sent to customers in all regions of the world.

Your templates or ideas are implemented as required by our graphic designers in our DTP department. We will send you prior to manufacturing a free proof copy of your templates.

We are able to fullfill your stencils order within one business day due to our highly skilled employees and many years of experience.

You can send us the templates of your stencil as an e-mail in an quickly and easy manner.

Please contact our technical department if you are interested or have any questions:

Short-term etching stencil

We recommend short-term marking stencils for flexible, frequently changing, marks such as  serial numbers, nameplates and individual DataMatrix Codes. We distinguish two types of short-term stencils:


stencilsStencil paper with a wax coating
(available in different colors and sizes).
This type of short-term etching templates can be personalized with a dot matrix printer,
a typewriter (electrical or mechanical) or by
Edit scrape away with a ballpoint pen.





Direct thermal stencil with a thermosensitive coating
(available in white, in different sizes and designs).
This type of short-term templates can be edited with a variety of thermal printers.
For the thermal paper in cassettes we work with stand-alone devices of P-touch series,
for the thermal paper roll on, we offer a sleek desktop printer.


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