AIO – All In One Lasersystems

AIO – The most compact “All In One” Laser

AIO is the most compact Q-switched DPSS laser. AIO Laser Systems are offered in a rugged and lightweight monoblock design and permit a wide variety of marking applications, which are also suitable for micromachining.

External optical fiber conductors and other sensitive cable connections for system integration are not neccessary through the „All In One“ case design. The simple and safe integration, even in tight spaces, is another plus of the AIO.

More than a USB or network connection to a standard PC is not neccessary to control the AIO-Laser.

The compact monoblock design of the AIO combines resonator and laser source so that a rack and the fiber which is usually the link between optics and supply unit is redundant. Communication takes place either via USB or Ethernet. Distance to the workstation may therefore be almost arbitrarily and the marking process can be readily decoupled from the drive space. Compared to conventional industrial laser systems, the connection and integration has been substantially simplified. The AIO is equipped as standard with two separate safety circuits for E-Stop and guard door, and meets the requirements of Performance Level e (PL e) according to EN-ISO 13849-1. A secure and direct integration is easily realized.

The compactness, high immunity to interferences and very user-friendly operation provides excellent operational flexibility and guarantees an optimal cost/performance ratio.

The AIO is able to mark a broad range of materials in a simple and economical manner for which would otherwise several laser systems necessary.

The high peak power and excellent beam quality make AIO-Laser Systems an ideal partner for the most demanding industrial applications. AIO-Laser Systems can also be used as an integration component in an automated system or either in a manual workstation.

AIO – All In One Lasersystems
AIO – All In One Lasersystems
AIO – All In One Lasersystems










The AIO can highlight a simple and economical manner, a broad range of materials, for otherwise several laser systems would be necessary.

The high peak power and excellent beam quality make AIO All-In-One Laser Systems an ideal partner for the most demanding industrial applications. AIO All-In-One Laser Systems can be also used as an integration component in an automated system, either in a manual workstation or as stand alone solution.


  • Galvanically isolated interfaces (EAs, USB, Ethernet)
  • Two safe inputs to PL e according to EN-ISO 13849-1
  • Compact and robust housing as a lightweight mono block module, and thereby significantly reduced installation effort
  • Fully integrated, ultra-compact All-In-One Q-switched DPSS laser
  • An additional external Laserrack is not required
  • Intuitive operation
  • Many system components from our own development – proven quality of Östling


Direct marking: contactless, clean, high-contrast, permanent, high-precision

  • Medical instruments
  • Tools
  • Bearings
  • Electronic components
  • Components of the printed circuit board industry
  • Components of the automotive and aircraft industries
  • Plastic products and components for household goods
AIO – All In One Lasersystems
AIO – All In One Lasersystems










AIO Datasheet

Technical Data: AIO All In One Lasersystems IR 1064 nm
Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Class 4
Versions AIO p (ideal for plastic), AIO m (ideal for metal)
Pulse frequency 10 KHz to 100 KHz
Puls duration 6 up to 60 ns
Beamquality AIO p <1.5; AIO m <2;
Electrical supply 24 V DC max. 14A (Power supply optional available)
Cooling system Integrated thermo-electrical air cooling system
Weight 12 Kg
Hardware interfaces Galvanically isolated interfaces (USB, Ethernet, IOs), 2 safe inputs up to PL e according to EN-ISO 13849-1,
3 stepper motor axes
Software interfaces VBScript, ActiveX
Software LasOnAll XS Designer
Operating system  Windows 2000 (SP3), XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10
Fonts TrueType fonts (filled/unfilled), Single Line fonts
Orientation: free defined
Letter spacing: free defined
Arc text: scalable and adjustable
Graphic Elements: Lines, rectangles, circle, ellipse (filled/unfilled), Splinefunction
Format: Vector (HPGL/PLT), Bitmap (BMP, JPG, GIF)
Codes Barcodes: Code 2/5, Code 3/9, Code 128, EAN 8/13, UPC
2D Codes: DataMatrix, PDF 417, QR-Code, Code 16K
Misc Features Flexible serialization, date and time functions
user programmable script interface for variable data and sub routines integration,
Text- and data exchange with data base systems (ODBC)
Customized masks
Extensive program aids and functions
Options Programmable X-, Y-, Z-, rotation-Axis (up to 3 simultaneously)
Additional laserdiode as an optical focusing aid
Extraction Systems
Remote control via external command box (e.g. Start/Stop, Emergency-Stop)

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AIO - The most compact "All In One" laser