LasOnAll XS Designer

The LasOnAll XS Designer software combines marking software, CAD editor, parameter and interface management, sequence programming and diagnostic tools.
This Windows-based marking software makes laser technology easy to master.

What is LasOnAll XS Designer able to do?

The software LasOnAll XS Designer enables the creation of graphical files, which serve as the basis for the laser marking. The complete laser software package consists of the following components:

USB laser control card (Ostling LazeCard); integrated in the Laser Rack
USB driver for the laser control card (Ostling LazeCard)
Control program Laser Control for setting the system parameters
Graphic editor XS designer to create projects that are passed to the laser

The file is created to be marked graphically with showsoftware LasOnAll XS Designer. With this program, vector, bitmap and photographic labels can be created. The markings may contain the following components:

  • Strings
  • Date / Time (also custom)
  • Counter
  • Barcodes
  • DataMatrix
  • Vector drawings VCT, PLT, DXF * (no binaries and depending on the version and function)
  • Bitmap drawings * (BMP, JPG, GIF)

The laser control card (LazeCard) can also comprise up to three linear and drive a rotation axis.

LasOnAll XS Designer allows the graphical creation of markings which are suitable for every DPSS laser marking systems from Östling Marking Systems.

The program has 2 different operating modes:

Mode “Working”: Allows just the marking of materials. That means the current (saved) data can not be changed in any way. The program updates all “active” components (i.e. date and counter) automatically at start and end. “Working” mode can be locked by password.

Mode “Edit”: allows the creation and modification of Vector- (strings, barcodes, DataMatrix, CAD files, etc.) and Bitmapmarkingdata (Windows BMP), which are transmitted to the marking system or stored on the hard disk drive.

The LasOnAll XS Designer provides advanced features to create marking projects and simpler workflows. Bitmap and Vectorgraphics can be inserted and axis control or marking sequences be assigned.

LasOnAll XS Designer includes enhanced functionality to solve customer-specific problems via scripts in Visual Basic, using the “Active Script” technology.

The new features of LasOnAll XS Designer:

  • Enhancements in VBScript, new objects and methods
  • New grouping functions and intersections of objects
  • Dialog box for importing DXF * and PLT
  • Improving the DXF * -Importfilters
  • Simplified management of I / O masks of functions “receive and transmit” and “Configuring outputs”
  • New algorithm for marking bitmaps in grayscale
  • Optical correction at the level
  • New Project Function Event
  • New way to make a project template

Insert graphics in LasOnAll XS Designer:

Two-dimensional graphics that were created with other programs (AutoCAD, Corel, Macromedia, Adobe and others) can be added to projects in LasOnAll XS Designer.

The following file formats can be imported:

DXF: interchange format for two-dimensional vector graphics that is commonly used by CAD programs. It is provided by most vector graphics programs.

PLT: vector format which was developed for the control of plotters. File is created either by the export filter of various vector graphics programs or by installing a plotter of the type HP 7475 A on the operating system.

BMP: standard format for bitmap graphics. BMPs are generated by appropriate graphics programs, digital cameras or scanners.

DIB: Device Independent Bitmap. Comparable with the BMP format. It can be generated by appropriate graphics programs, digital cameras or scanners.

JPG: One of the most common compressed bitmap formats. A converted file from BMP to JPG format has a much smaller size.

GIF: Comparable with BMP format. Generated by appropriate graphics programs, digital cameras or scanners.

VCT: Marking graphics which were created by one of the previous versions of LasOnAll XS Designer.

The imported graphic can be freely positioned in the workspace and then altered, resized and rotated to match the object which should be marked.


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