Laser marking system: LasOnAll Rondo – the all-in-one laser marking station

With LasOnAll Rondo we introduce today’s laser class 1 marking station.

  • Highest possible safety – yet compact design
  • Robust, welded construction for industrial use
  • Large and easily accessible ergonomic work area
  • that meets the most varying of demands
  • Electrically driven height axis
  • Easy relocation with optional trolley
  • Individually expandable with several options
  • T-slot plate for quick mounting and setup of devices
  • Laser protective window for safe setup and monitoring of the laser processing
  • Easy glide sliding door for rapid insertion of the items
  • Low maintenance, almost noiseless operation
  • Wide variety: almost every LasOnAll laser can be integrated into the Rondo. Lenses of different focal lenghts and various accessories (i.e. rotation axis, suction, devices) are available.



The LasOnAll Rondo is designed for a wide area of laser applications in particular where small batches and dissimilar workpieces must be marked manually.

All air cooled OEM laser systems from our LasOnAll series can be integrated into the Rondo cabinet and will then comply with laser safety class 1.

You receive an all-in-one system that has everything you need for manual laser marking with this combined laser and cabinet solution. The only external components needed are just a Keyboard and a TFT display (optionally available).

LasOnAll Rondo


Technical data: LasOnAll Rondo
Laser Safty class 1
Dimensions (HxØ) 720 x 755 mm
Dimensions with trolley (HxØ) 1665 x 755 mm
Load size (BxHxD) approx. 500 x 250 x 450 mm (with f-Theta lense = 160 mm)
High axis (Z-axis) Standart electric
Optional Automatic high-axis, rotation-axis, trolley, focus-finder, rotation-table

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