Automotive industry

Marking solutions for the automotive industry – durable, tamper-proof, long lasting

OSTLING MARKING SYSTEMS provides permanent marking solutions for use in the automotive industry for car manufacturers as well as for automotive part suppliers. Marking Lasers, Dot Peen Markers (Needle Embossers, Dot Pin Markers), Needle Scribers and Electrolytic marking systems have proven that the markings which are made with them are very durable and forgery-proof. Automotive markings are especially suitable for traceability solutions (quality control, inventory management, Just in Time etc.).

Our company name may not directly visible, yet our solutions are pervasive in automobiles.

Sensors and switches, engine parts, Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), body parts, transmission parts, parts of the lighting system, as well as parts of its interior and the steering system are highlighted with our marking systems.

Competence from a single source with OSTLING MARKING SYSTEMS.

automotive industryautomotive industry










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