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Energy industry marking solutions from Ostling Marking Systems

Ostling Marking Systems provides permanent marking solutions for different applications within the energy industry. The use of Marking Lasers, Dot Peen Markers (Needle Embossers), Needle Scribers and Electrolytic marking systems has proven it’s reliability and durability even under the most harshest conditions as heat, moisture, and aggressive chemicals.

Our company name may not be directly visible, yet our solutions are widely used and appreciated.

Energy industryEnergy industry

Energy industry










Reliable, Robust and durable labels

Our unique markings guarantee resistant labels (markings) on all of your parts. The markings are directly executed onto the material and are resistant to pollutants, colors, chemicals, finishing, weather conditions, marine influences, and many many more without harming the material.

Our high quality and proven solutions can be used under the most difficult conditions and have proven their reliability in the most demanding applications prove due to their robust design.




Application Areas for companys from the energy industry

Durable marking of logos, company names, batch numbers, variables, texts etc. on metal parts, gears, signs, tools, tubes, wells, pumps, sensors, fittings, information boards, ID tags, screws, blades, generators, bolts, discs and many more.


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