Plastics industry

The plastics industry with all its subdivisions is highly innovative and one of the most diverse sectors in the market.

The plastics industry offers a wide range from production to processing of plastic ranges. This applies both to the raw materials and materials, as well as in terms of customer and market orientation. Product traceability through product identity data are common requirements nowadays. Information about the production history of a product are essential for parts which might fail and have the highest liability.

The energy of the laser beam changes the optical characteristics of existing pigments while marking plastics. The result of this procedure is a marking while the surface remains virtually unchanged. This durable and abrasion-proof plastic marking method is called Color Change. The adding of pigments which are laser sensitive can improve plastics markings due to higher contrast and contour sharpness and even enable markings in different colors.

Another plastic marking method is Foaming. Gas bubbles form a melt, and they are embedded securely when the material cools down. The light refraction properties are changed due to the bubbles and appear lighter as processed locations than surrounding material. Optical effects like lettering, symbols and logos can be created easily this way.

We can purposefully respond to your individual marking and application needs. Our Laser marking solutions are highly reliable not only for present challenges, but will also master all your future challenges within the plastics industry.

plastics industryplastics industry

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