Needle systems for the Östling needle embossers and scribers

During needle embossing (also called impact point method), the material is marked with a hard metal tip (needle) oscillating by compressed air, which is moved in X and Y direction during its up and down movements.

Scribing is closely related to needle embossing. Unlike needle embossing, scribing involves pressing the needle onto the workpiece without oscillation and moving it axially. The result is a precise, clean marking image on the workpiece, consisting of a fine line of lines – and at the same time quiet operation.

In addition to quieter operation and a finer typeface, needle scribers can be easily converted to needle marker if required. Only the needle system (accessory part) must be replaced. Depending on the needle embosser, different needle systems are used. Our needle systems are of high quality and very durable.

A list of the needle systems and replacement needles is available on inquiry from your contact person.

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