Simply mark XXL surfaces
with the ÖSTLING Marking Stick

With our new ÖSTLING Marking Stick you can electrolytically mark large and up to XXL surfaces, e.g. barrels, silos, machines and many more, even more easily and without great effort.

The new marking head of the ÖSTLING Marking Stick has a scraper-like function and is especially designed for large-area marking. The electrolyte will be distributed optimally on the surface which will be marked.

Because of an electrolyte supply connection on the marking head, electrolyte can be pumped into the marking with an external electrolyte pump, which is optionally available, so that manual moistening is completely unnecessary.

With the appropriate control unit, electrolyte pump and stencil you can create your logo, serial and delivery numbers, text, codes and a lot more fast and easy on your products.

The ÖSTLING Marking Stick is available in standard widths of 50, 75 and 100 mm and in various lengths.

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