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Marking with needle scribers – fine lines and deep writing

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The needle scribing can be compared to the natural writing process with a pen and is closely related to the needle embossing. In contrast to needle embossing, needle scribing presses the needle onto the workpiece without oscillation and moves it axially. The workpiece is machined. A diamond or carbide tip is used for marking. The result is a precise, clean marking image, consisting of a fine line – and that with quiet operation. Noises develop especially when the needle tip hits the workpiece to be marked. As the needle tip is only pressed onto the workpiece at the beginning of each line during needle scribing, needle scribing is much quieter than needle embossing.

Scoring heads also have two linear axes (like needle embossers), but are more stable than pure embossing heads. As higher transverse forces occur during needle scribing than during needle embossing, Östling’s scribing heads contain a spindle drive instead of a toothed belt drive. 0.4 mm marking depths are achieved during needle scribing.

Since the diamond / carbide tip does not oscillate during needle scribing like the carbide tip during needle embossing, but is pressed onto the workpiece to be marked, no large material unevenness can be compensated. In order to achieve uniform marking, the surface of the material to be marked must therefore be as even as possible.

Can also be used as a dot-peen marker

In addition to quieter operation and a finer typeface, needle scribers can be easily converted into needle embossers if required. Only the needle system (accessory part) has to be replaced. In addition, considerably larger marking fields are possible than with the needle embossers. You can find an overview of our needle systems here.

Typical applications in the area of needle scribing


Strengths of the ÖSTLING needle scribers

  • Very clean typeface

  • low-noise operation

  • Easy to optimise for individual requirements thanks to modular product range

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