MagicPin Needle embosser
the low priced and high quality entry

While the table model MagicPin 100 T convinces with its large marking field of 10cm x 10cm, the hand model MagicPin H distinguishes itself above all through its flexible and practical operability in everyday working life.

Here we do not economize on quality. On the contrary, the needle embossers of the Magicpin series are also manufactured in Germany and are suitable for industrial use. Metal markings such as DataMatrix codes and serial numbers can also be easily implemented.

The lower price is due to the limited expandability. This means that with high quality the functionalities of the systems are suitable for all essential applications. However, no further expandability is possible, e.g. rotary axes, automatic height axes, type plate magazine. The control is carried out either via the UMC eco or via the UMC box.

Overall, this product is a very good and high-quality entry into the needle embosser range.

For better integration into your company we offer the following design files in PDF and STP/ZIP format:

MagicPin 100 T
T x B x H188 x 207 x 141 mm
Gewicht4,5 Kg
Markierfeld100 x 100 mm
Auflösung0,1 mm
Geschwindigkeitabhängig von Markierparametern
SteuerungUMC eco
NadelsystemWE2, WP2
Energie230V, 50Hz / optional 115V, 60Hz
Druckluftmax. 6 bar, 6 mm Luftanschluss

MagicPin H
T x B x H130 x 115 x 260 mm
Gewicht2,5 Kg
Markierfeld30 x 50 mm
Auflösung0,1 mm
Geschwindigkeitabhängig von Markierparametern
Steuerung UMC eco, UMC box
NadelsystemWE3, WP3
Energie230V, 50Hz / optional 115V, 60Hz
Druckluftmax. 6 bar, 6 mm Luftanschluss


Needle embossing accessories for needle embossing systems, needle embossers and needle scribers

We have a complete range of accessories available for you so that you can exploit the full potential of your marking system for metal marking. Here are some examples of the needle marker-/score range:

  • rotation axes for round parts, so that the marking needle always perfectly matches the object to be marked

  • High axes in all versions (manual, electric, pneumatic, fully automatic)

  • barcode scanner for convenient reading and activation of data to be marked

  • 2D-Code Cameras for automatic reading of previously marked data

  • needle systems for various applications, materials and degrees of hardness

  • Different housing variants so that the Östling needle embossers / scribers fit perfectly into your operating environment

  • Spare Parts all kind directly from the manufacturer – Quality Made in Germany

For more information about needle embossing accessories, see here.


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