The original ÖSTLING stencils for electrolytic marking

Stencils for electrolytic marking are produced quickly and cost-effectively in-house in our own production facilities.

Long-term stencils for static signatures

Long-term stencils for static (constant) inscriptions such as logos, product and type names, batch numbers, trademarks, barcodes, numbers or decorative markings.

3000-5000 markings are used for these long-term stencils, depending on the wear and tear and the care required. An average of 500 stencils of various sizes for electrolytic marking processes are produced daily by us and sent to customers in all regions of the world from a wide variety of industries.

In our graphic department, your stencils or ideas will be implemented by our graphic designers according to your wishes. Stencils with an outer dimension of up to 700 x 400 mm can usually be dispatched within 1 to 2 days after release. In addition, we offer larger special formats on request. Thanks to the many years of experience of our staff and optimal processes, we are usually able to send your order within one working day. You can send us the templates for your signing templates quickly and easily by e-mail.

Simple and inexpensive reorder option for our customers!

With the stencil numbers (for example: D-12049), with which each of our stencils is provided, you can reorder simply and uncomplicatedly.

You usually pay less than 25% for a repeat order compared to the first order! Our stencil archive now comprises several hundred thousand stencils that can be reproduced at any time.

When re-orders are made, certain factors are omitted, which means that they cost a fraction of a new order. The total price for new orders consists of the stencil costs and the development costs. In the case of a repeat order you only pay the pure stencil costs!

Stencil costs:
Costs for the actual stencil. This price depends on the size and the material.

Development costs:
These are the costs for the required repro film, its development and archiving. The development costs depend on the size of the repro film which is identical to the size of the stencil. If you provide us with a usable repro film, these costs will not apply!

The following file types can be used by us for the production of signing templates

Best possible vector file formats:

.cdr, .plt, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .wmf, .dxf

Also easy to process are high-resolution black/white bitmap files in the formats:

.cpt, .bmp, .jpg/.jpeg, .tiff, .gif

In order to keep the effort for the creation of templates and the associated costs as low as possible, please note our Bedingungen für Dateien und Reprofilme.

For flexible, frequently changing markings such as serial numbers, type plates and individualized data matrix codes, we recommend the use of short-term templates.

Basically, we distinguish between two different types of short-term stencils:

Short-term stencils as stencil paper with a special coating (available in different colours and sizes)
These types of short-term stencils can be processed with a dot matrix printer, a typewriter (electrical or mechanical) or with a ballpoint pen by simply scratching them away.

Short-term stencils as direct thermal stencils with a thermosensitive coating (available in white, various sizes and designs)
This type of short-term stencils can be processed with various thermal printers. For the stand-alone devices of the P-Touch series we offer the cassette variant and for the slim desktop printers the thermal paper on roll.

Larger formats even for very small print runs
Simple – Fast – Cost-effective

Electrolytic markings of up to 180 x 180 mm (motif size) are now possible with our new “stencil paper blue TYPE 540, 200 x 200 mm, indigo”.

In addition to the already large selection of short time stencils for the fast and needs-based production in your company, this new format is now available.

With the help of a needle printer, a typewriter or manual removal of the coating, you can create your own short time stencil easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Combination Stencil Exel for the electrolytic marking process

With the help of the ÖSTLING combination Stencil Exel it is possible to display any serial or drawing number or even a date on your products with our electrolytic marking process.

All desired number combinations can be set by pulling the stencil bands. The standard version of the Combination Stencil Exel has 6 digits, but can be extended as required.

Character sizes from 1 mm to 30 mm are available as standard. It is also possible to integrate a logo.

Stencils, stencil tapes & paper from our online shop

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