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For all your marking needs!

Our marking systems offer industrial marking technology and marking procedures for permanent product marking and product identification. Unique identification of articles or parts (direct part marking) is the key technology for continuous traceability. Östling’s marking systems allow the marking of a wide variety of designs, on all materials of different shapes and contours. Attach your company logo, machine-readable 2D codes (DataMatrix), serial numbers and all other conceivable data directly, permanently and forgery-proof to your articles and components. Whether with laser, electrolytic, needle embosser or -scriber, give your product an identity!


Locations – Our worldwide sales network consists of Östling’s own subsidiaries and numerous highly qualified commercial agencies. read more…

Product innovations

The EU Pulse

The most technically advanced electrolytic marking system in the world. Further information can be obtained from our Newsletter.

ÖSTLING Marking Stick

Perfect for marking large areas easily and without great effort. Further information is available here.

ÖSTLING Numeral Marking Stamp

With the ÖSTLING number marking stamp you can mark any serial or drawing number or even a date electrolytically on your product. Further information is available here.


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