Permanently legible and solid laser markings on surgical instruments and medical tools


The high standard of hygiene plays an important role in medical technology. Markings that are applied by other methods, such as gluing, color printing or needle embossing and scribing, carry [...]



We are observing the development around the coronavirus (Covid-19) with great attention. A daily reassessment of the current situation is therefore absolutely necessary. For your information: Currently we can cover [...]

A-Quality of your DataMatrix Codes with ÖSTLING lasers on plastics


Mark your DataMatrix codes reproducibly in constant perfect quality (according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM-1-2006), with highest symbol contrast, on plastic! Save on your material costs! No additives required for perfect results! [...]

May we present? STOMMEL+VOOS for 16 years a part of the ÖSTLING Group


STOMMEL+VOOS Marking Technologies GmbH is a leading manufacturer of marking machines, stamping presses, deburring machines and stamping tools. In 2003 STOMMEL+VOOS Marking Technologies GmbH was integrated into the ÖSTLING Group. [...]

Strengths and advantages of electrolytic marking systems


Die elektrolytische Markierung beruht auf einem elektrochemischen Markierprozess (sog. elektrochemische Metallsignierung ). Dabei wird der Text oder das Bild mittels einer Signierschablone auf ein elektrisch leitfähiges Produkt, durch die Einwirkung von Elektrolyten und Strom, [...]

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