LasOnAll-XS – This laser ensures extra compact and powerful laser marking on (almost) all surfaces.

Due to its compact, cubic design, the LasOnAll-XS laser is an ideal piece of industrial design. With a weight of around 4 – 6 kilograms (depending on the version) and a volume of 244 x 145 x 98 mm3, the laser can be easily integrated into the smallest space, in contrast to the previously heavy and space-consuming resonators of comparable marking systems.

Competitive in the fiber segment

The diode service life of the XS series is in no way inferior to that of the fiber lasers, whereby in the case of maintenance only the change of the diode module is necessary. In contrast to this, the fiber system in most cases requires an exchange of the entire laser unit with a complete stop of the laser marking.

In addition to maintenance, the energy balance of the LasOnAll-XS laser is also particularly efficient. With the 20 Watt version, the power consumption is only max. 600W.

The ÖSTLING LasOnAll-XS family is available as standard in the variants XS5 (5W), XS10 (10W), XS20 (20W), XS30 (30W) and XS40 (40W). All LasOnAll-XS models are air-cooled and do not require additional water cooling.

Further information about our XS laser systems can be found at here.