Needle Scribing

Needle Scribing (also microdot engraving, needle scratching) is a marking technique of Permanent Direct Part Marking. Ostling Needle Scribers are ideal for precise, clean marking, fine lines and low-noise operation at a high marking quality.

Scribing (engraving) is closely related to needle embossing. The difference is that the lettering during scribing is not punched into the material with an oscillating needle. Instead of that the pressure is applied to a special scribing needle, which moves over the area to be marked. The result is a precise, clean marking, consisting of a fine line – and that with low-noise operation.

Prerequisite for the use of a scriber is a material surface, which is as level as possible for imprinting.

Scriber heads have two linear axes (like needle embossers), but have a more stable design than pure embosser heads. Scribing heads have a spindle drive instead of a belt drive because greater lateral forces occur with needle scribing than with needle embossing.

PinMark 4/6 SP/RE

PinMark DeepScribe

PinMark 4/6 SP/RT






Ostling PinMark Scribers can also be used as Needle Embossers:

In addition to quieter operation and the finer typeface, needle scribers can be easily transformed into needle embossers as required. Only the needle system (accessory) needs to be replaced. Significantly larger inscription fields than with needle embossers are also possible. Please have a look at our Needle Systems overview.

Typical application areas

  • Entire automotive sector (e.g. deep VIN possible)
  • Metals and plastics for the aerospace industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Type plates
  • 2D codes

Strengths of the OSTLING scribers

  • Permanent marking on various materials
  • Excellent 2D codes
  • Benchtop and integration models available
  • Very clean typeface
  • Low-noise operation
  • Easy to adapt to your needs due to modular product programme

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