Laser marking & engraving
with ÖSTLING lasersystems

Engraving, ablation, tempering, discolouring and foaming

ÖSTLING laser marking systems mark a wide variety of materials and products on a daily basis. Due to the excellent marking speed and the consistently high quality of the markings, the ÖSTLING marking lasers are ideally suited for a variety of different industries and applications.

ÖSTLING marking lasers mark, engrave and mark metals as well as plastics, ceramics, glass, silicon and organic materials with a high-precision laser beam. The traceability of a product starts with the marking, it is a part of fulfilling ISO quality standards. Accurate, tamper-proof and durable markings are possible with the ÖSTLING laser marking systems.

Laser marking covers a wide range of surface treatment techniques, from simple laser marking to engraving, ablation, tempering, discoloration and foaming.

ÖSTLING laser marking systems are extremely compact and flexible with high quality.

With the corresponding software there are hardly any limits to your ideas regarding laser marking. Our laser marking systems are also ideally suited for automated markings such as serial numbers, 2D codes (DataMatrix), barcodes, QR codes, etc.

Strengths of Östling laser systems

  • Unsurpassed flexibility and high quality at the same time

  • Östling laser diodes have an extremely long lifetime

  • Thermoelectric air cooling

  • Radial marking

  • Lightweight and above all compact design

  • User-friendly and powerful software XS Designer under Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10

  • Complete solutions as well as OEM laser systems available

  • Flexible adaptability to your needs and applications due to in-house special machine construction

The following marking methods are possible with our laser systems

  • Engraving

    Per laser beam, a recess is engraved into the workpiece during laser marking. The material evaporates or melts. The depth of the marking is up to 50 µm.

  • Material removal/delacquering

    This is a special form of engraving. In the case of metals, for example, an anodised/lacquered layer can be removed to expose the underlying layer (of a different colour).

  • Annealing colours

    Here the color of metals is changed by the heat of the laser beam and the atmospheric oxygen. There is no material removal worth mentioning. In this form of laser marking, the laser beam penetrates the metal by a maximum of 5 µm.

  • Discoloration 

    Laser marking by colour change (discolouration) can be carried out on most plastics and some paints. Special additives ensure a high-contrast colour change at the point of impact of the laser beam by our marking lasers.

  • Foaming

    The heat of the laser beam thermally decomposes the plastic at the points where it impinges. Gaseous decomposition products are produced and the plastic foams up.

Typical applications for laser markings

OEM laser system
LasOnAll XS
OEM laser system
complete solution
complete solution
complete solution
XS Designer

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